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  • Angelique Fawcette

Welcome To Our World with Love...

We are Elderly Lives Matter USA, a group of Nationwide Activists who have unified in order to protect the Human and Civil Rights of the Elderly and the Dependant Adult. The majority of our Founders have had those whom we dearly love egregiously and needlessly die, mothers, fathers, 2nd Mom's and Dad's in extremely abusive Conservatorships and/or Guardianships across our Nation. Where the Human and Civil Rights of our Elderly were stripped from them oftentimes by Probate Judges who ignored evidence of said abuse. Our other equally respected Activist Founders fought publicly and valiantly to stand up for the Rights of others and won and yet continue to persevere and stand up for those in need whenever they can. Others have those whom they love still alive but they endure the pain every day of not being allowed access to that person, isolation, knowing that they are drugged up, over medicated and wondering how their loved ones will fare, every single day....imagine that, and we all have had to live this, but we will never stop working so that other citizens will not have to endure this pain. Join us on our Journey, it is a tough one, a painful, sickening and tearful one. Our hope is to restore Justice and to one day exalt the Elderly and Dependant Adult to the protected class in which that they deserve to be in. Please kindly be forewarned that not all of our blog-posts will be heartwarming and pretty, unfortunately too many elderly are dying needlessly for it to be that. And all Judges are not bad, we all know a few who are upright but they usually to do not preside in the Probate Court.


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